A Christian and Veteran owned business. Courteous, efficient, and compassionate about getting it done right.

Military Service. Retired United States Air Force veteran. Served 19 years as a career personnel non-commissioned officer.

Mobile Notary Public: 2019

In-Person Notary Public. Serving the public as an impartial witness.

National Notary Association Certification and Background Check approved: 2021

Certified Loan Signing Agent, Notary.Net: 2020

Notary Public Background Check updated: 2020

Equipment: Smart phone and scanner app, laser printer, desktop portable scanner, Georgia loose-leaf certificates, embosser and stamps

Notary experience: Mortgage loan signings: refinance, full package, Veterans home loan, Conventional loan, reverse mortgage loan application, buyers, Annuity, etc.; school documentation, Thrift Savings Signature Witness, change of address, gun permit, etc.

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Legal Shield Independent Associate: 2020

Family Legal Plan: family law, adoption, contract review, power of attorney, will and testament, traffic moving violations, unfair collections, etc.

Additional Legal Plans/Supplements: Trial Defense, Gun Owners, Home Business Supplement, Small Business, Commercial Driver's License, etc.